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Standard Type
大发体育All Stainless Steel Type
Aluminum Alloy Type
Intergrated Pressurized S.W.H
Intergrated Flat Panel S.W.H
Standard Tank System
Single Coil Tank System
Double Coil Tank System
Pressured System
Premium Solar Collector
大发体育Standard Solar Collector
Flat Solar Collector
U-Pipe Solar Collector
Non Pressure System
Horizontal Type
Vertical Type
Bluetec Type
Black chrome Type
Standard Vacuum Tube
Three Target Tube
Standard Type
Super Type
For Pressurized System
For Non-Pressurized System
Haining Jixiang Solar Energy Co., Ltd.
(Lucky) is a new high-tech company specialized in the utilization of solarenergy. Located in Haining City, our company has high-quality technique staff. With strong integration capability and global resources, our company is moving forward to establish an international brand.                                                                                         大发体育read more
    Installation Basics    
    CO2 Emissions    
    Collector Sizing    
    Energy Calculator    

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